The evaluation of concrete mixing plant

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Ⅰ,The energy saving evaluation of concrete mixing plant

The main energies of concrete mixing plant are water, electricity and gas. After the determination of the concrete mixing plant equipment and technical scheme, energy consumption isn't realized by the technology innovation, mainly through the strengthening of management, reasonable recycling to achieve. The specific measures for management of water, electricity and gas will be formulated and implemented by the board of directors.

Ⅱ,The environmental protection evaluation of concrete mixing plant

1, Dust control: the place easy to produce dust of concrete mixing plant mainly is the mixing feeding port and a material field. The mixing building of the selected equipment belongs to the closed mixing. In order to eliminate dust, additional activities color steel plate for surface dust, dust discharging opening of the closed space, two symmetrical water spray tube is added in the cement feeding port to prevent the dust diffusion. Dust in material field can set the electronic control or manual spray device according to the fixed position of piling up to control the dust emissions and ensure that the dust can reach the standard.

2, Wastewater treatment: set the draining ditch in the place of producing wastewater, and set three stage sedimentation tanks in the drain terminal. Let the solid-liquid separation, equipped with a self sucking pump, the water recycling after precipitation, Making the wastewater in the production area of concrete mixing plant to realize the recycling after all the processing.

3, Noise control: noise mainly comes from the device. The selected device is configured to optimize, so the equipment itself has small noise. Strengthening the maintenance and overhaul in the use process, not only can prolong the service life of the equipment, but also reduce the noise pollution. According to the actual situation can also set a partition wall and compartment belt.

4, Solid waste treatment: non recyclable waste and garbage produced in the production and life will have the uniform stacking, unified management and unified treatment by building the garbage pool. There are not schools, residents around the mixing plant. And the requirement of environmental protection investment is not high. Concrete mixing plant will build the mixing plant to a green environmental protection stirring station by strengthening environmental protection management.


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