Standard of environmentally friendly concrete mixing station

  • HM Machinery

In new round of the market competition --"environmental protection, energy saving, information intelligent", concrete machinery manufacturers have proposed the concept of "full environmental stirred station",which has gradually been accepted in the industry resulting from friendly concrete mixing station equipment having been built in all major cities.


As we all know, dust collection, noise reduction and recycling of materials mixing equipment are important technical indicators to measure the environmental performance. The "green stations" which have been built in some areas only pursue appearance closed completely ,which confuses the concept of "full of environmentally friendly stirred station"in use of "fully enclosed mixing station". The standard requirements indicators on collecting, noise reduction and recycling of materials did not met. As for investment, the equipment that is fully enclosed package adds the whole station costs and largely restricts to the promotion of environmental protection station.The concept of environmental protection has become a "ring package."

Full environmentally friendly concrete mixing plant equipment is highly intelligent fusion of modern mixing technology, environmental technology, concrete mixing station information technology and urban art. All of these embody in the process of equipment: low-carbon energy, energy efficient, and intelligent information, the various emissions during production and noise standard prescribed by the state.


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