How to extend the life of concrete mixer machine?

  • HM Machinery

Concrete mixer are mainly those of cement and sand mix, we can imagine, there is a strong need for concrete mixers efforts, and certainly there will be some stirring of sediment consolidation in the paddle, and will make a lot of body stained soil. This is inseparable from the mixer's maintenance and upkeep. How to maintain mixer makes it extend the life of it?

Twin-Shaft-Mixer 1.jpg

First, between the use of concrete mixing machine to do the preparatory work, the most important is to check, check whether the various parts of the normal state.

Second, after the work is completed in a timely manner on the mixer body cleaning, after use of the mixer to promptly clean up the dirt on the mixer clean out the body, while avoiding dirt can enter the motor, gear and other equipment. But also from time to time to the machine coating of oil to avoid damage due to the enormous friction caused on the mixer.

Third, mini concrete mixer work from time to time, they also need to focus its work, such as motor, transmission gear, etc. These devices can sound when they work to determine whether it is normal, if there is any unusual noise appears to be promptly stop the machine work, careful examination.


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