Concrete machinery and equipment related questions and answer

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Q:HZS90 concrete mixing plant can produce high-grade concrete into those with high-speed rail it?

Answer:Such models mixing station, can produce all labels commonly concrete, but the production of different grades of concrete when the yield per unit time can be some differences.

Q:Suppliers can mix station gas station it self? Many used vehicles

Answer:Many large commercial concrete mixing stations, gas stations are self-built, the first convenient vehicle refueling station, second, bulk purchases of diesel, you can save the capital, and the third, within convenient station vehicles.

HZS120 concrete mixing plant.jpg

Q:Concrete 35 stations with a forklift needs it? Must come to it?

Answer:No matter what type of concrete mixing station, forklifts are to be configured.

Q:HZS120 stations meet the daily production needs with what type of forklift?

Answer:On the forklift equipped, HZS120 concrete batching station with the usual multiple of 50 forklifts.

Q:HZS90 concrete mixing station is generally useful life is how long ah?

Answer:Well-known manufacturers of concrete mixing station produced HZS90 concrete mixing plant mixing equipment, service life is longer than some can be up to ten years, so the user to select the device, try to choose the strength of the manufacturers, do not want to covet cheap, buy a small factory equipment.


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