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IMER Minuteman II 5 CF 110v Portable Mixer with Standard

IMER MINUTEMAN Portable Tripod MultiMixer-5 cu

Product description Mix 275 lbs. of mortar, stucco, grout, or concrete in less than 5 minutes. The Minuteman is truly portable, to move it around the jobsite or home - just roll it along. The fully enclosed hp 110V industrial grade motor with direct gear drive provides non-stop performance on any construction

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The Wheelman II Wheelbarrow Style Mixer is built to tackle all types of projects and materials, such as mortar, stucco, grout, concrete, and is the only mixer with a removable drum that can be loaded by one person into a small vehicle. Use it to mix, transport, and then dump right to your work area. The Polyethylene drum is spun-injected, a plastic forming process that delivers a perfectly round and extra-durable

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Imer Minuteman II Portable Mixer. Features. Mix 275 lbs of mortar, stucco, grout and concrete in less than 4 minutes. power. the fully enclosed hp, 110 V Get Imer Minuteman II Concrete Mixer Parts at sales prices and fast shipping from ImerParts. Buy Imer Repair Parts online easily. We cary the IMER USA Minuteman and

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Removable heavy-duty steel handles with cushion grips for easier hauling and storage. The 3.5 cu. ft. capacity drum holds up to 180 lbs. of concrete or mortar to shorten work time. This rugged mixer is affordable yet ideal for the do-it-yourselfer and professional. CE, UL, and CSA

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Multi-Mix 350 is New Portable Mixer for Mortar, Stucco, Grout or Concrete Big Brother to the Wheelman II and Minuteman II Mixers. Designed and built to solve the typical problems of traditional concrete mixers. The transmission system inserted in the arm and the convenient worm screw tilting system make it noiseless and lightweight

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May 20, IMER Tripod Stand Electric Multi Concrete Mixer. The Imer USA Minuteman Portable Concrete Mixer is the best concrete mixer because it can mix up to 275 pounds of

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IMER U.S.A. Inc. 10 MINUTEMAN 1) Use a 2 prong, grounded, volt, 60 Hz, power connection for safe operation. The line should be at least 12 gauge. 2) To mix concrete, add water, concrete, and aggregate while the drum is 3) Discharge the mixed concrete by elevating the dump handle 10 Drawing 1) while the drum is

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Oct 29, 5. IMER Stainless Steel Portable Cement Mixer. BUY NOW FROM AMAZON. If you are looking for a fast mixer, IMER must be your first choice. This is because this mixer is able to mix cement in order to create concrete or stucco within 5 minutes only. To be exact, you only need 300 seconds in order to mix 275lbs of

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Jun 13, IMER Concrete Mixer Parts. Find the IMER Concrete Mixer model you own in the diagram listings shown below. Each link will take you direct to that model IMER Concrete Mixer parts list and part view diagram. Be sure to have your correct mixer model

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How To Mix Concrete For Cement Mixers * You will need approximay gallons water. * Two 80 pound bags pre-mix * Start mixer in motion. * Put in 2 gallons of water. * Add one 80 pound bag of pre-mix concrete * MIXTURE WILL BE VERY SLOPPY * Slowly add 2nd bag of 80 pound pre-mix

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IMER Complete Parts List. New Products. Items 1 to 80 of 10000 total. 1. 2.

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Imer Minuteman Concrete Multimixer- This mixer is in god working condition. This Imer Minuteman portable mixer is perfect for small jobs requiring a concrete mixer. Stucco mixer or cement mixer. Mixes 275 lbs. 5 cubic-feet of mortar, stucco, grout, or concrete in less than 5 minutes. Tilts to pour dirrectly into your trough, wheel

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Every Imer Mixer comes with a commercial duty tow Imer Workman II Mixer Options Mini Mix Stucco (medium batch-2 bag 80lbs) Mortarman Imer Mortarman 360 Series Mixer. . Imer Minuteman II Portable Concrete Mixer. . 6789 Marshalltown 600CM-PL Poly Drum Concrete Mixer. . 9193 Multiquip

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Mix 200 - 275 lbs. of mortar, stucco, grout, or concrete in less than 4 minutes with the IMER Minuteman II Mixer. IMER Mighty Small 50 Pumping Spraying

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IMER 3 Cubic Foot Cement Mixer - Electric Cement Mixer - (West Omaha) IMER 3 Cubic Foot Cement Mixer - Electric Cement Mixer-Wheelman II Model-110 Amp, HP Electric Motor-Can mix about two 80 pound bags of concrete at a timeNew interested, please contact Eric or Ryan

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IMER Parts IMER TECH SUPPORT. IMERUSADIRECT is here to provide support to all existing IMER mixer, saw, hoist, lift, and pump spray machine owners no matter the age or model of their machine. We may not have the answer immediay but with my 25 years experience selling IMER equipment and our contacts at the factory there are few questions that will go